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Space Shooter 1.0

I’ve made my first 3D game. It’s a very small game!

Have fun playing it!


The goal for this particular project was to learn Unity3D and combine the development method I already had with the new ways from Unity3D.

My Role
Level Design

Windows PC

Unity 4.6



Development Teamsize:

Development Time:
5 days

Finished Date:
March 7th, 2015

Release date:
April 19th, 2015

Free by Artist

Unity Technologies
  • Graphics
  • 3d Models
  • Original codes

First-Person Action

Amount of players:
Single Player

The game

You’ve been sent out into space with your small space ship to destroy the asteroids and enemy space ships ahead of you, clearing the path for the mother ship. How many asteroids and enemy ships can you destroy?

There are three different kind of asteroids you can encounter and there’s one type of enemy ship which will actively shoot at you and follow your movements.

Destroying the ships and asteroids will give you different points.

You can shoot bullets at the asteroids and the ships by pressing your spacebar. You can move your ship with the arrow keys.

Destroy as many asteroids and enemy ships as you can.

Download this game:

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the installation file here by rightclicking on the link and chosing the option "Save".
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.


3D Game

Space Shooter is a 3D game. You will see the asteroids turning on both their axes and you’ll see the 3D movement in both your own ship as well as in the enemy ship.

Random asteroids and enemies

Space Shooter features waves of randomly spawning asteroids and enemy ships. They will always appear from the top, but where from the top and how many of which enemy type is unknown.

Taking the heat

Enemy ships will fire back and will follow your very movements! So be very careful in approaching them!

Copyright information

Creative Commons License
This work by Ilse Mul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.