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Galactic Mail Version 0.1

This was the second game I made in Game Maker 7. I recreated it in Game Maker 8.1 and this is the version you’ll find below.

Have fun playing this game!


The goal with Galactic Mail was to make a game that would take more challenge, like levels and more complicated movement for the players and adding more functions like a help function for myself.

My Role
Game coding and Prop placement

Windows PC

Game Maker

Game Maker

Development Teamsize:

Development Time:
2 hours

Finished Date:
July 22nd, 2014

Release date:
July 31st, 2014

Free by Artist

Kevin Crossley

Music and Sound
Jacob Habgood

Original Concept
Jacob Habgood and Mark Overmars

2D Action

Amount of players:
Single Player

The game

You play a postman in space who has to deliver the mail to various moons with your tattery old spaceship. You’ll get paid for each time you deliver your mail. However, if you linger too long on a planet, there will be a deduction on your salary. Will you be able to deliver the mail to all the moons?

Deliver the mail on all the moons without crashing into the asteroids.

Download this game:

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the installation file here by rightclicking on the link and chosing the option "Save".
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.


Move on the entire field

In earlier games I made you could move up and down, but that was it. Now you can move all over the entire field. Keep in mind, though, that your spaceship might not move as fast as you want it to, or perhaps not exactly the direction you were hoping for!
Can you make it in time to the next moon before you hit one of the asteroids?


If you linger too long on a planet, you’ll get less salary a.k.a. points. After all, people don’t want to wait a long time for their mail to arrive. Not even in space! So make haste!


Delivering mail to planets in space has it’s challenges. Not only do you have some distances to overcome and sometimes slow or strange movements of your spaceship, you also need to make sure that you avoid all those asteroids!

If you hit one of the asteroids it’s game over!

Learning points for myself

More levels
Adding more levels was a nice challenge. I now finally had a feeling I was truly creating a game! I did notice I had to pay attention to the order of my levels. When you see an introduction level appear at the end of the game instead of the beginning, you know you’ve done something wrong.

Also applying all the changes every time I added something that had influence on other objects was something to keep an eye on. This time it wasn’t a case of a little monster not appearing, but instead the game could grind to a halt if I had done something wrong in setting up the game, like adding the same step to two different objects that would have had the same effect in the game.

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This work by Ilse Mul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.