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Evil Clutches Version 0.1

Evil Clutches is the very first game I made, back when I had Game Maker 7.

Have fun playing this game!


The Goal for Evil Clutches was to familiarize myself with Game Maker 7. Later on I recreated the game with Game Maker 8.1 which is the version you can now download.

My Role
Game coding and Prop placement

Windows PC

Game Maker

Game Maker

Development Teamsize:

Development Time:
1 hour

Finished Date:
July 21st, 2014

Release date:
July 21st, 2014

Public domain art

2D Action

Amount of players:
Single Player

The game

In Evil Clutches you help the hero, the dragon, save her babies and destroy the evil demons who had captured them with fireballs. How many babies can you save?

Save as many babies as you can without being destroyed by the evil demons.

Download this game:

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the installation file here by rightclicking on the link and chosing the option "Save".
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.


Dragons & Demons

You will see several fantasy creatures in this game:

  • Dragon





  • Boss monster





You will receive points for destroying the evil demons and saving the babies.

  • Evil Demon: 100 points




  • Baby: 500 Points


Be careful, though, if you kill a baby, you’ll lose 300 points!

Music & Sound

Although it’s simple, Evil clutches comes with a nice background music and some sounds for destroying the evil demons. And if you happen to kill one of the babies, you’ll hear that too..


I’ve added a nice extra for those people who are paying good attention. There are evil demons dressed up as babies: the evil babies!

Be sure to destroy them and you’ll receive 250 points!

Learning points for myself

Evil Clutches was a fun game to make. It wasn’t a simple point-and-click game, but instead there were some real challenges in making this game. A few lessons I learned:

Pay attention to detail:
If you’ve got one little thing wrong, like forgetting to set a score relative instead of setting a score, you’ll get a whole other result. In this case the points wouldn’t be added to the previous points, but would replace the earlier points instead.

Finish a non-complicated object
If you need to quite your work for one reason or the other, make sure to finish that one object you’re already working on, as long as it’s not too complicated. That way you can continue with the following object without any problems for the game when you can resume your work. In my case I had started with the object of the evil baby, but had to stop before I could finish it. When I played the game later, the evil baby didn’t show up and I was wondering why. It turned out I hadn’t completed all the settings for it yet.

Copyright information

Creative Commons License
This work by Ilse Mul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.